Eagle Run West Homeowners Association
Surrounding the prestigious Champions Run Country Club,
we are one of Omaha's most desirable and exclusive neighborhoods!

What needs approval?

Any external improvement to your home/lot above or below ground must be approved (e.g., new roofing materials, exterior color changes, new fences, new construction, etc.).

Repairs to your external home (e.g. replacements with same materials, colors, etc.) do not need approval.

How do I a get an approval?

It’s our goal and commitment to keep this simple! New Improvement projects will be quickly reviewed by sending a note to our HOA Board President. Detailed proposed plans including the type, color, quality, and use of materials should be provided. Samples of materials would be most helpful.

Use one of the ERW Lot Improvement Approval Request forms below to outline details of the project.

Lot Improvement Request - PDF Version

Lot Improvement Request - Word Version

Send completed document and sample materials to:

George Morrissey, President ERW BOD
3333 North 140th Street
Omaha, NE 68164